Q: Do weight, age and fitness level matter?
A: Ashtanga yoga is for everybody! Depending on your starting fitness level, it may be harder at first, but everyone progresses at their own pace. 

Q: Do I need to be strong or flexible to take the study?
A:  No!  The goal of the practice is to become strong and flexible, you are not expected to be so at the beginning. As you practice you will become strong and flexible.  

Q: What do I need?
A:  You will need to bring your own yoga mat. We also recommend that you wear light clothing as you will get very warm and sweaty.  A fitted top is a good idea so it does not dangle in your way during inversions.  Most people practice in tights or shorts and a fitted yoga top. 

Q: Is this a drop-in study?
A: No! A commitment for the duration of this study is expected. 

Q: What benefit will I get from participating?
A:  Participants involved in a study may experience improved nervous system function and mental health. Participants also will benefit by learning about field research methodology and may benefit from the yoga classes, as previous research conducted by our laboratory has demonstrated. The free yoga classes also are a considerable benefit. Normally at yoga studios, students are charged approximately $10–20 CAD for each class. This programme also is unique in offering progressive instruction with an emphasis on technique and alignment to a closed group. Typically, classes at yoga studios would not involve this intensive, progressive training in Ashtanga yoga. For more information, click here

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